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He’s everything she disdains. She’s nothing he admires.

      But love has its own delightful logic.

Whether bartering with Barbary pirates or angry Gypsy kings, Zadie Whitlock lives by her wits… and the business end of her parasol. 


Detective Caleb Burke lives to right wrongs. He can’t abide Zadie’s daring, impulsive ways, especially after she leaves him bound to a library shelf with his own handcuffs. 


Still, the damned woman ignites a passion he can’t ignore. 


Nor can Zadie. Which is troublesome in the extreme, because Caleb Burke isn’t the man for her.  He’s too honorable, too loyal, and far too likely to follow the rules. 


Dazzled by her indomitable spirit, Caleb makes a fateful choice that sets the two of them on a hunt for lost Viking treasure.  Failure will see his career in ashes, and Zadie on trial for her life. 


Pursued by deadly forces, they’ve got the power of the Restitution League on their side… and their own stubborn hearts in the way.